Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tucson, AZ: Ethnic Studies in Violation of State Law! What Now????

Tucson, AZ: The State Dept. of Education has found TUSD's ethnic studies (Raza Studies/Mexican-American Studies/MAS) program in violation of state law. What happens now? TUSD has 60 days to get in compliance with state law, or they'll lose $15 million in funding. Board members will meet in special session on Friday afternoon and consult with their attorney. Ethnic studies teachers and their attorney will having a press conference on Friday to respond to the state's decision. In a press release distributed on Thursday, they call Superintendent Huppenthal's statements "inaccurate".


  1. TUSD Special Session Meeting in Response to Ruling TOMORROW!

    Special TUSD session being called for Fri., 6/17 at 1pm!

    WE MUST HAVE A PRESENCE! TUSD is seeking an appeal - mostly for the funding that will be cut; not because they question the state's findings, really. This is YOUR chance to stand up to the board & LaRaza supporters in order to protect children from sinister agendas and abuse.

    It's confirmed! 1010 E. Tenth - TUSD bldg. 1pm.