Thursday, June 23, 2011

Arizona schools see sharp drop in English learners, report says

Arizona schools see sharp drop in English learners, report says...Angelina Canto, school-improvement director for Nogales Unified School District says...Of the district's 5,700 students about 1,400 are in English-language immersion, and the number has been dropping..said the state is doing better at meeting the needs of English learners, but many of parents also are withdrawing high-school students from the programs. Parents don't want their students studying English for four hours a day, as it prevents them from earning enough credits to graduate from high school on time

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  1. Arizona reports gap in English learning compliance

    A new review says many Arizona public schools don’t comply with requirements for instruction of students learning the English language, and the state’s top education official says he plans to start reporting noncompliant districts starting in the fall.

    That could subject those districts to possible withholding of some state funding provided for English Language Learning programs.