Saturday, June 25, 2011

Top business leaders try to derail Texas ‘sanctuary cities’ bill (SB29)

Top business leaders try to derail Texas ‘sanctuary cities’ bill (SB29)...Two of Texas’ most powerful business leaders have mounted a late-hour push to derail an anti-illegal-immigration bill in the Legislature’s special session. Houston homebuilder Bob Perry and HEB/Central Market grocery chieftain Charles Butt applied pressure Thursday to members of a House panel to block the “sanctuary cities” measure that would let police officers ask anyone they stop about their residency status.. The Senate-passed bill faces a crucial hearing Monday before the House State Affairs Committee. The special session must end by Wednesday night.

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  1. Democrats and RINOs Trying To Block Anti-Sanctuary City Legislation In Texas

    Folks, the Democrats and RINO's are pulling out all of the stops, including the race card, to block sanctuary city legislation. The Chairman of the State Affairs Committee, RINO Byron Cook, continues to disappoint:Students, Federal Memo Complicate "Sanctuary Cities" — 82nd Legislative Session | The Texas Tribune, June 23, 2011

    The Democrats parade some hard cases of illegal immigrant students in front of his committee, and he gets a "soft spot."

    How about a soft spot for the police officers murdered in the line of duty by illegal aliens? How about a soft spot for the thousands of American families devastated by illegal alien drunk driving, murder, rape and robbery? How about a soft spot for taxpayers who foot the bill for illegal alien education, food stamps, welfare and health care? How about a soft spot for the millions of Americans who are unemployed and would gladly do the jobs that illegal aliens have taken?

    The Immigration Reform Coalition of Texas says it badly needs phone calls to the State Affairs Committee. Time is running out in the special session and the rumor is that the committee is deliberately stalling, avoiding a quorum, so as to run out the clock on this bill.