Saturday, June 25, 2011

PA: Illegal Aliens working for GPX Survey in Williamsport

PA: Illegal Aliens working for GPX Survey in Williamsport...Williamsport Police were called to a location this morning for a report of a possible crime. What they ended up finding were two apartment buildings with suspected illegal aliens all working for a surveyor with the natural gas industry. That company, GPX Surveys of Texas, has an office in downtown Williamsport...So few of the people spoke English and police say they could not provide proper forms of identification. "We determined we had a whole group of illegal aliens here in the city of Williamsport..police contacted federal immigration officials who ended up taking 16 people into custody.
One of the men, Adrian Castro, is behind bars facing charges in relation to the child luring investigation.,0,68651.story

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  1. Illegal Aliens working for GPX Surveys in Williamsport (news video),0,3004863.story

    (so that's 16 jobs that could have been given to American Citizens!)