Monday, June 27, 2011

Feds use Midwest floods as excuse for treachery

Feds use Midwest floods as excuse for treachery...the government has no intention of restoring the homes, businesses, farmland, and the concomitant economic development stemming from the region impacted by the flood. Instead, under pressure from environmental groups, the region will be designated as protected wetlands, meaning of course that the economic boom resulting from development in the region will be lost forever...If you are a homeowner or landowner in the area, you are flat out of luck. The government will allow property values to plummet by deliberately refusing to restore the region to its state prior to the floods. Then, at vastly reduced prices, the Feds will purchase that land for pennies on the dollar, swindling homeowners out of billions, and then using the land in a vast wetlands restoration project.

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