Saturday, June 25, 2011

The E-Verify bill

The E-Verify bill...The House of Representatives has introduced H.R. 2164 The Legal Workforce Act. Rep. Lamar Smith R-TX is the sponsor. This bill would mandate nationwide use of E-Verify for employers, phased in over time with exemptions for different categories of employers...

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  1. Another Honorable Error: Rep. Lamar Smith On Hispanics And The GOP

    As chairman of the Judiciary Committee, where most immigration legislation originates, Congressman Lamar Smith is probably the most influential Congressman who has been a relatively consistent supporter of patriotic immigration reform.

    But he recently raised the eyebrows of many patriotic immigration reformers when he introduced a watered-down E-Verify bill, written with the Chamber of Commerce, which would have the effect of pre-empting state immigration laws. (KEEP IN MIND, THE CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE HAVE BEEN FIGHTING E-VERIFY TOOTH AND NAIL FOR why now, would they be so willing to get E-Verify made mandatory.....something is very rotten)