Sunday, June 5, 2011

What happened to L.A.'s boycott of Arizona? (SB1070)

What happened to L.A.'s boycott of AZ?(SB1070).....A year after the City Council approved the sanction, little has changed. There's not even an ordinance specifying how the boycott should work. In May 2010, L.A. was a part of wave of cities that voted to boycott AZ after lawmakers in that state passed a controversial law targeting illegal aliens. City Hall staffers were ordered to review contracts with AZ companies for possible termination, and official travel to AZ was supposed to be suspended. But a year later, little has changed in the way L.A. does business with the state next door. The city still buys street sweeper parts from one AZ firm and has a contract for emergency sewer repairs with another, officials say. The Harbor Department alone has four contracts with AZ companies that total nearly $26 million.
None of those jurisdictions has canceled a contract with an AZ-based company because of the boycott — leading some immigrant-rights activists to dismiss the high-profile calls for economic sanctions as empty symbolism. (Oh Boo Hoo!),0,1317691.story

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