Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Utah Housewife Deals Devastating Blow to State's 'Guestworker' Law (HB116)

Utah Housewife Deals Devastating Blow to State's 'Guestworker' Law (HB116)
In a stinging rebuke to political, business, religious and media elites, Republican Party activists led by a Utah housewife have dealt what may well be a deathblow to Utah's misguided and fatally flawed guestworker/amnesty law (HB116)..This past Saturday, June 18, 2011, when the showdown finally came, a majority of delegates (53%) at the Utah state Republican organizing convention sided with the housewife against the elites and passed a resolution...a lone Utah housewife and a handful of dedicated citizens defeated the most powerful interests in the state of Utah, sent the American Principles in Action group limping back to Washington, D.C., and told the nation that Bramnesty is not the "Utah Solution" or a model for federal immigration reform.


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