Tuesday, June 7, 2011

TX: U.S. Congressmen Henry Cuellar(D) Calls for U.S. Training of Mexican Law Enforcement

TX: U.S. Congressmen Henry Cuellar(D) Calls for U.S. Training of Mexican Law Enforcement... wants to bring Mexican law enforcement to the U.S. for training.. he's suggesting Mexican officers receive specific forensic training by our government. He says it's up to our neighbors south of the border to accept the help..The training would require Mexican law enforcement to train for three months


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  1. Just where is the money going to come from to train Mexican Law Enforcement??? Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't our towns and cities across our country already suffering because of lack of funds for our own law enforcement? Our law enf...orcement in our towns and cities already complain because there is no money to take care of criminals arrested including the illegals.....Is Rep. Cuellar aware of the following and why isn't this being utilized?

    US, Mexico build police academy in anti-drug effort.. U.S. and Mexico have begun building a new police academy in the central Mexican state of Puebla as part of the Merida joint anti-drug effort. Mexican federal police have been receiving training under the auspices of the Merida program since 2008 at a public security academy at San Luis Potosi in northern Mexico that trains officers for a variety of missions.
    the State Department would be providing $4 million for the center and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other security agencies would be advising the academy. Last month the U.S. announced a $500 million increase in the aid it provides under the crime-fighting Merida Initiative to broaden US anti-drug assistance beyond Mexican federal law enforcement.