Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tucson, AZ: Social Justice Groups plan Nationwide protest

Tucson, AZ: Social Justice Groups plan Nationwide protest... The groups present included Derechos Humanos, Humane Borders, Border Action Network, members of the Pima County Interfaith Council, The Brown Berets, MEChA and others. All of the groups that met, puportedly backed by union organizers and members of Mi Familia Vota, are quietly registering people to vote using the empty foreclosed homes in Pima County as their address. they will choose a day in the near future where families that have registered to vote at these addresses will occupy the homes all on the same day, file numerous documents with the County claiming ownership through obscure homesteading laws thus overwhelming the County Recorders office, the banks that own the notes and the Pima County Sheriffs Office that would try to evict them..This plan is being coordinated throughout California, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas. All states with numerous foreclosures in the Southwest.

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