Tuesday, June 14, 2011

State high court upholds Oklahoma's anti-illegal immigration bill HB1804

State high court upholds Oklahoma's anti-illegal immigration bill HB1804....determined virtually all of the state's anti-illegal immigration law is constitutional....The high court in an 8-1 vote did strike down a provision of HB 1804, which took effect in 2007, which denies bail to illegal aliens arrested on felony counts or driving under the influence complaints. The Supreme Court ruled it should be left up to the courts to decide on bail... Key parts of HB 1804 validated in the ruling, Terrill said, include: •Illegal Aliens CANNOT get an official government-issued form of identification, such as driver's licenses or occupational licenses. •Illegal Aliens are ineligible for most forms of state taxpayer-funded public assistance or entitlement benefits. •State and local law enforcement officials can cooperatively enforce federal immigration law. They can't decide who gets to come into the U.S. and how long they get to stay. •States can require employers to check the legal status of their employees.


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