Sunday, June 19, 2011

Napolitano is next on the scandal target list called “Bordergate”

Napolitano is next on the scandal target list called “Bordergate”...Janet Napolitano, Sec. of DHS, has been claiming the border is safer than ever claiming apprehensions of illegal aliens are down. The “Bordergate” scandal: Two problems here: the 1st being lots of reports from Border Patrol agents that they have been told to look the other way and not apprehend all the illegal aliens they see out in the borderlands. Thus apprehensions are down….even though lots of illegal aliens are still entering the country..2nd problem: the fires that are sweeping AZ’s borderlands that are widely suspected in the area to have been started by illegal aliens or drug smugglers. Obama Administration is playing “politically correct fire stories” by trying to avoid confronting the mounting evidence illegal aliens are in the National Forest lands on the border and starting fires by accident (or deliberately). [First Eric Holder gets his feet put to the fire...Then Janet Napolitano]

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