Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mexican Governor's Bodyguards Found Dismembered

Mexican Governor's Bodyguards Found Dismembered (to Obama, his wife, Napolitano, all the Democrats, all the Rino's and all the Governors and Mayors who insist that the border and Mexico are safe and is a great time to take that summer vacation and spend your $$$ in Mexico to help the economy that Calderon so desperately wants to save)..The dismembered corpses of two bodyguards for the governor of Mexico's Nuevo Leon state have been found in plastic bags outside a supermarket, The bags contained a message addressed to Medina, allegedly from the Gulf Cartel, which has been fighting turf battles with the rival Los Zetas Cartel in northeastern areas near the US border for more than 18 months. Authorities found another five bodies in and around Monterrey early Wednesday, including one of a woman who had been beheaded

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