Friday, June 17, 2011

Maryland: DREAM Act petition up to 47,379 signatures

Maryland: DREAM Act petition up to 47,379 signatures..On June 1, turned in 62,496 signatures from voters who want a referendum on the DREAM Act in 2012. As of Thursday afternoon, elections officials had accepted 47,379 signatures and tossed out 10,122 signatures. That leaves just 4,995 more signatures that still need to be reviewed. In this first batch of signatures, referendum opponents needed to have 18,579 valid voter signatures to keep the petition drive alive. They surpassed that mark easily. The next task is to get the signature total up to 55,736 by June 30 -- which shouldn't be too difficult. Ever since the first signatures were turned in, petition organizers have been busy collecting thousands more signatures. While it appears clear that petition organizers will likely get enough signatures, there remain questions about the methods they used to collect many signatures

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