Wednesday, June 22, 2011

DHS Negligence Led to Monument Fire...Feds failed to use simple method to secure the border

DHS Negligence Led to Monument Fire...Feds failed to use simple method to secure the border..The Monument Fire that has devastated the Coronado National Monument, the Huachuca Mountains and the surrounding communities, could have been easily prevented. The fire was most likely started in Mexico by persons involved in smuggling. Had DHS secured the border in the area where the fire started, there would have been no reason for people to be in the area – and no one to start the fire.

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  1. Arizona Sheriff: Wildfires Likely Started by Mexican Drug Traffickers, Smugglers...the 4,700-acre park had been closed for days prior to the start of the fire.

    "The bottom line is, there was nobody in the park [who] would've been there legally," Dever said. "There were no vehicles, no nothing. It's a high-intensity drug trafficking and human smuggling area. We have scouts that hang out there all the time. They light signal fires, they light warming fires because it gets cold at night … There is nothing to indicate that there was any other cause. And the highest probability -- not possibility -- is that this is how this fire started."

    Federal authorities have said humans started the three major wildfires currently raging in Arizona, but it remains unclear whether illegal aliens were involved. The second major blaze, the Wallow fire, is now 58 percent contained as of Wednesday after destroying at least 32 homes and burning nearly 828 square miles in eastern Arizona and western New Mexico since late May. The Horseshoe Two, meanwhile, is now 95 percent contained after scorching 348 square miles and 23 structures since May 8.

    "It's a man-caused fire," Dever continued. "Whether it was a random campfire, a signal fire, a cigarette flung by a smuggling group, or arson, there's no way to know at this point."