Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Border Fire Started by Mexicans? All the evidence says yes

Border Fire Started by Mexicans? The Coronado fire has now destroyed a number of homes and hundreds more are threatened. Vegetation in a treasured National Monument has all but been destroyed and thousands of acres of forest -- habitat for deer and bear and other animals are in its path. This is a truly devastating event. The media are reporting that the fire was human-caused (Arizona Republic – 6/14/11) and the Arizona Daily Star. The Star reported that the fire started in the Coronado National Forest. All the evidence says yes...According to overwhelming evidence, the fire was started in Mexico - most likely by Mexican nationals. The liberal media try to dismiss such reports (see the New York Times), but they are going to have to work especially hard to overcome the hard evidence and personal accounts by reliable persons that point south of the border as the source of this fire.

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  1. Fighting Monument Fire
    A giant helicopter is dropping water on a hot spot in the Coronado National Monument.