Saturday, June 18, 2011

Arizona law is best on immigration...Legal Arizona Workers Act

Arizona law is best on immigration...Legal Arizona Workers Act...establishes a state’s right to enforce laws against employers of illegal aliens...The plaintiff against AZ was the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which has opposed every attempt at immigration enforcement at the state and national level for decades. The chamber lobbied against the act while it was in the legislature. Then they teamed up with the ACLU to sue us. Now, the chamber is supporting an ostensibly anti-illegal immigration bill, called the Legal Workforce Act in Washington,(H.R.2164) , which Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, introduced..the bill was crafted with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other cheap labor lobbyists, who made it difficult to enforce. It exempts many illegal agricultural workers; has a two year phase-in period for most employers, and makes it difficult to check existing employees’ legal status... Gutting local enforcement in exchange for watered down federal enforcement placed in the hands of the Obama administration can only be described as “the bad.”



    Dee Dee Garcia (DOES THIS NAME SOUND FAMILIAR??? HOW ABOUT THE GROUPS SHE IS CONNECTED TO?????) — the director of Somos Republicans, a national conservative Republican organization — tells The Florida Independent her organization “will not support E-Verify, which is an enforcement-only policy, until Congress reconciles with the millions of hardworking undocumented immigrants. They want enforcement-only first; it is a huge national immigration scare.” #

    Garcia adds that Republicans pride themselves on less government and less bureaucracy, but E-Verify is more of both and is counterproductive to free market thinking and capitalism because it scares off the labor that small businesses rely on. #

    Somos Republicans issued a press release Thursday that states: #

    Cuban-Americans Sen. Marco Rubio and candidate Ted Cruz will permanently wind up on the SOMOS REPUBLICANS unfriendly to Latino list because of their support for enforcement only policies against immigrants. They fail to recognize the privilege Cuban immigrants have over other immigrants that come here to achieve the American dream. Furthermore, both Rubio and Cruz are being supported by the same anti-immigrant crowd that supported JD Hayworth and both have been praised by extremist radio show host Mark Levin. We believe GOP Cuban-Americans such as Rubio and Cruz are being used as pawns by the nativist, anti-immigrant and Tea Party crowd. #


    Its evident we need a PEOPLE'S PARTY to halt the corruption in Washington and halt the premeditated influence of the Special Interest lobbyists and open border Liberal Progressives.

    The only way that we will repair the immigration enforcement law, such as enacting a permanent E-Verify, Secure Communities is to become an activist in the TEA PARTY? Yesterday Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota Chairman of the TEA PARTY has now presented herself as a Presidential contender. Outside of the majority of the runners, Bachmann is a solid moderate Conservative who will adamantly battle business influence, all religious do-gooders, open border advocacy groups and the Obama government. Bachman has promised that growing national trend towards tens of millions of average Americans joining the TEA PARTY will have a voice.

    No longer will this nation be dictated to by the US Chamber of Commerce or the Communist inspired ACLU. This is not just white senior citizens coming to the ranks of this new national political party, as furtively hinted by the radical Liberal Progressives, but Hispanics, Asians, and legal ethnic people who see the illegal alien invasion, as stealing low paying jobs, raising taxes to pay for the free education of these children and the millions of illegal people’s using our health care. Even having a baby in this country is free, (NOT AVAILABLE TO LEGAL POPULATION) if you can slip past our border fence; this is a joke on all of us, because thousands of miles still remain unprotected? Another interesting Republican I listened to on C-Span this morning, was presidential candidate Buddy Roemer. He has been both a Congressman and Governor and in his speech in New Orleans today, he sounds like a TEA PARTIER? He substantiated the corruption that festers in Washington, that draws the Special interests and their lobbyists like blood-sucking leeches who have written our tax system, to favor them.

    The giant corporations give billions of dollars in campaign contributions to alter the course of our laws to favor them. Huge dollar figures paid to both parties, which in return get illicit government contracts and the return huge subsidies to giant agricultural companies, drug companies insurance and others. Our multi-billion jobs go overseas as well as companies, and the only way to halt this rot, is to vote for TEA PARTY leaders. There will be no compromise with the suffocating dollars of big business that is killing America's jobs, bringing in cheap labor legally and stealing employment from our own people. Something that must be dealt with immediately is FREE TRADE, that isn't Free Trade as Buddy Roemer says; we are being taken advantage of? As I have mentioned before? We are the largest consumer nation in the world, but we are being ripped off by Chinese currency engineering. THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE EITHER LAUGHED AT OR TREATED WITH DISDAIN BY OTHER NATION, FOR THE CLOWNS WHO GOVERN US. We better start remaking America or we need to be on a suicide watch.

    We are sinking in a cesspool of greed and corruption and the only way out of our financial mess is a TEA PARTY President, Tea party oriented Senate and a Congress. Not the usual RINO'S, Liberal and Democrat rhetoric and propaganda. Personages like Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona and State Senator Russell Pierce who are now being victimized for carry out their duties, to protect their legal residents. They truly were the inception of the American people’s revolt against the unparalleled costs of illegal immigration, as they fought back against this unfettered plague.

  3. HOW MUCH LONGER ARE WE EXPECTED TO PAY FOR THE MILLIONS OF FOREIGNERS, WHO JUSTIFY ENTERING AMERICA ILLEGALLY? ARE THE PEOPLE SUPPOSED TO OUTLAY 2.5 TRILLION DOLLARS FOR ENACTING ANOTHER AMNESTY? (Read what the Heritage Foundation who calculated this incomprehensible dollar number.) FOR DECADES NOW WE HAVE BEEN BLED BY THE IRS TO PAY FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS? You have already seen the indifferent concern of the US government for decades ignoring this issue, which has been mounting daily. Illegal immigration has graduated to a far worse enigma, that was ever expected? It's sickening that our country is turning into a balkanized society. How is it that hundreds of thousands of people, who legally arrived here, cannot comprehend the English language?

    Isn't a person being inspected by an agent supposed to be expected to have some knowledge of our national language? It’s a daily, monthly yearly mantra that illegal immigration is allowing even more poverty to ruin the American citizens and legal resident’s life opportunities. Even as American population is suffering under this unceasing deluge of impoverished people, we are still forced to through our taxes to pander to them. Michelle Bachmann will relieve the desperate in our society, reinforcing the borders, tracking visa over-stays and reverse the illegal immigration occupation before it’s too late. Mandated E-Verify, Secure Communities and another federal enforcement program 287 G. The TEA PARTY is growing in structure and will have an immense influence in the 2012 election.

    Never the less, there are rumblings that illegal immigrants are intentionally voting in our elections. Blue States must be carefully watched, such as Sanctuary states as California and Nevada. There have already been serious forged voting incidents in Arizona, Texas, Colorado, New York and more. Organizations such as Acorn, supposedly dismantled are alive and well under different names and are a major criminal enterprise in fraudulent registrations. I think America is ready for a National ID card that would go a long way in stopping illegal aliens voting and also be yet another avenue to reduce corruption in welfare fraud. NumbersUSA covers all this immigration information and more? Judicial Watch is your window into the corruption and lies in Washington. To contact your Representative at federal level; Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121