Monday, June 13, 2011

Illegal Aliens Collecting WIC Vouchers in Georgia

Illegal Aliens Collecting WIC Vouchers in Georgia...Once again we see how the welfare system is a complete failure, doing nothing to prevent fraud and even encouraging it, in this case, and bilking taxpayers for billions every year. This despite Progressive politicians' claims that we can't cut a single penny, or families will "starve". Here in DeKalb County, GA, illegal aliens in luxury SUVs can walk into the WIC ('Women Infants and Children') office with expired or even FOREIGN IDs and walk out thousands of dollars in WIC vouchers - and even sell them for cash down the block. Yet let a Republican propose to cut a single penny from WIC and the Liberal Media Complex will label them "anti-family." It is a disgrace that illegal aliens are milking the welfare system while so many American citizens go without. These WIC officals belong in prison for this outrage, and the House GOP should immediately introduce national legislation to mandate citizenship checks for welfare recipients.

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  1. La Raza is worried that illegal aliens may have to actually start paying for their own anchor babies' food instead of the American taxpayer! The House of Representatives’ Appropriations Committee has voted to cut WIC funding by nearly $650 million, which will result in up to 350,000 mothers, infants, and children falling off the program. Given that Latinos make up two-fifths (42%) of all program participants, the Hispanic community is expected to be among the hardest hit...(from the National Council of La Raza website) the opposite of what this site tells you....ACTION...The full House will have a chance to vote on these cuts to WIC....
    Tell your member of Congress to VOTE cuts to the WIC program.